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Analytic Paper

Analytic Paper - 1 Mike Friend Analytical Paper At the...

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1 Mike Friend Analytical Paper At the beginning of this semester I hated to write papers for any class . The reason that I hated writing papers was because I thought that I was terrible at writing . As the semester progressed I learned that although I was not great at writing papers, I was not terrible either . I discovered that I actually had good ideas, but present them poorly . My writing was filled with common mistakes that made it difficult for the reader to understand what I was trying to say . Looking back, I was writing exactly the words that I would have spoken . That means I had a lot of extra words like “well” and “so” . I used slang phrases that may be acceptable when spoken but don’t translate well in a written work . I also had run-on sentences and paragraphing issues . Capitalization and punctuation are not pertinent when you speak and, as a result, I was not careful in correcting these errors . Transitioning between paragraphs, repetition of thoughts and words, tenses and pronoun agreement were other problems . Throughout the semester I was given advice on not only correcting my grammatical errors and learning to proofread, but also how to make my writing better . Using stronger verbs and learning to use a thesaurus made my writing more interesting to read . Learning to fully explain my thoughts and adding detailed descriptions allowed me to tell my story in a way that would keep my reader’s attention . Adding a strong
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2 conclusion helped to not only summarize my writing, but add new insight to the person reading my work . I believe my early difficulties and apprehension about writing were the result of my previous educational experiences . In the third grade I moved from Alabama to Illinois . In my first month at a new school I faced my first standardized writing test . I quickly learned the five-paragraph rubric that was to be tested repeatedly throughout middle school and junior high school . The opening paragraph, three supporting paragraphs and concluding paragraph format served me well for many years . Each paragraph had four sentences with a structure that did not leave room for creativity or provide interest to the readers . It also made me hate to write . In high school, there was little emphasis on writing
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Analytic Paper - 1 Mike Friend Analytical Paper At the...

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