Paper 1 Final Draft

Paper 1 Final Draft - Mike Friend It was just a lazy summer...

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Mike Friend August 27, 2007 It was just a lazy summer day . I was lying on my couch when all of a sudden I got a phone call from my good friend John . With a quiet “Hello . I answered my phone . John asked enthusiastically, “Hey, do you want to go play Ultimate?” Suddenly getting some energy, I responded “Sure I will meet you at Centennial at noon . My excitement started to build because I knew in about a half hour I would be playing Ultimate Frisbee with some of my closest friends . It was no longer a lazy summer day . Ultimate Frisbee is a fast paced, high action, sport . The game is kind of like football played with a Frisbee . Instead of kicking and passing a football, you are throwing a Frisbee . Just like in football, a team scores points by getting the Frisbee into the opposing team’s end zone . However, unlike football, there are no breaks or plays in Ultimate Frisbee . The only time you get a break is if you or the other team scores . For our game, the end zone was defined as the eighteen-yard box on a regulation soccer field . There are as many players as you want on a team with a couple-playing defense on throw-off (kick-off) returns . I feel a rush playing Ultimate that is unmatched by any other sport I have ever played . I started to change my clothes . I was looking for a cruddy shirt that I wouldn’t mind getting a little muddy . I finally put on an old practice jersey and a pair of soccer shorts . I found my old beat up gym shoes and headed out to the fields . My choice of clothes would prove to be wise . When I got to the fields and out of my air-conditioned car, I realized that this was one of the hottest and most humid days of the summer . Even with the clouds covering the sun, I was dripping with sweat as I ran to join my friends . As I looked at the poorly maintained soccer fields that we played on, I
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could tell that they had not been cut in over a week . The grass was as thick as a polar bear’s coat in the winter and so muddy that my shoes were being pulled off as I hurried across the field . The whole group was just tossing the Frisbee around while they waited for me . We picked teams using the old school yard method . I was Captain of one team . I picked John as my first choice because he is big and has a good arm for the “quarterback” position . I’m really fast and usually play receiver . Each team headed to their respective end of the soccer field and the game began! My team received the throw-off . We caught the Frisbee and started to advance down the field . One of my teammates threw it as hard as he could to me while I was standing in the end zone . I caught it and we went up by one point . Now, it was our turn to throw-off to the other team
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Paper 1 Final Draft - Mike Friend It was just a lazy summer...

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