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Study Guide - The Book of Lamentations 1 Background The...

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The Book of Lamentations. 1. Background: The book of Lamentations, as the name indicates, is a collection of laments that express the grief of the Jewish people about their beloved city, Jerusalem, and the temple after Babylon destroyed them in 586 BC. Other scriptures describe the pain and bitterness of this destruction, but none like the collections of laments found in this book. As we read these words we are led to walk the streets of the once proud city, now in shambles, and experience the pain as though we had been there ourselves. i. Lamentations and the Exile. What was the exile? The following passages provide helpful background reading for the exile: Isaiah 39:5-8; 2 Kings 22-25; Psalm 137; Ezekiel 1-24; Habakkuk. ii. These passages describe the destruction of Judah by Babylon both from the perspective of the prophets who predicted the event, and from those who experiences it. For the prophets the exile was an act of divine judgement. For the people the exile was an act of divine abandonment.
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