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Shared Humanness and Christ (B. pp. 86-88). The pss. reflect all of life; the palmists (David > Jesus) is an “everyman.” “David prayed them, and Christ became them. David could pray them because Christ became them” (p. 87). History and Theology in the Psalms (B. ch. 5). And so, the experience of every human is reflected here as it truly is—before God. We should find the history of Israel reflected here, and God’s response to Israel, and to the covenant people of every age, here as well. 1. Laments and Imprecations: These pss. carry cries of pain and desperation to God. 2. Thanksgiving Songs: These pss. thank God for an act of mercy recently experienced. 3. Hymns of Praise: These pss. call upon all to praise the greatness of God. 4. Psalms of Trust: These pss. confront the realities of life with the assurance of God’s faithfulness. 5. Wisdom and Torah Psalms: These pss. intend to teach the way of true wisdom. 6. Storytelling Psalms: These pss. rehearse the lessons that Israel should learn from her past. 7. Psalms of the Earthly and Heavenly king: These pss. praise God for the favor He has shown to the king, and confess the dominion of God over His creation. Laments: There are more laments than any other type of psalm. (Why?) These words arise out of a desparate situation in the life of the worshiper. 1.
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