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It always seems in life you never get what you need. You’re empty inside, your head pounds like you were listening to Creed. I neglect you Lord, so I know I deserve this. My confusion inside is beginning to surface. Is this confusion or anger? My thoughts spin faster. I haven’t been this down since Jack Black punted Baxter. Someday you’ll explain why when I get to see your face. No man can explain it all. Not even Dr. Case. I deserve to suffer. I really do, But you forgive me even when I leave you. It makes me feel like trash and crazy in the head; Kind of like Britney Spears when she is with K-Fed. Things are changing just like in middle school, When girls wouldn’t talk to me. They thought I was uncool. I would say hi and they would just scoff. But that would all change when I got my braces off…my legs. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He’s worthy or my praise And even when the haze clouds my days
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Unformatted text preview: I will still see the light of your rays and continue to pray That someday I will get through this maze In life. So dont delay. Return today As moth and rust start to decay. Im running out of clichs. This is not just a phase in my lifeThis is your life. Everyday I thank you Lord for sending the Messiah Because being without you Lord sounds worse than Sanjaya. No matter how bad it gets, the trials I go through, I just remember you were there for the good times too. Like the time I went to prom with Kyla Key. She would never frown at me. Or talk down to me. She probably weighed about 50 more pounds than me. This is what I have to get off my chest. My body says no, but my heart says yes. It makes me feel so gay and I smile Im talking about being happyNot the Brokeback Mountain style Disclaimer: I did not go to a prom in high school....
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