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LP. BIB 393-92. Life and Letters of Paul. 1.1 Fall 07. 10:00-10:50 am (MWF). M-304 Objective: To go over the syllabus and introduce the course. Go over syllabus. What questions do you have about the apostle Paul or his teaching? How has Paul or his teaching shaped your faith? My interest: - I have been an avid student of Paul. - What interests me about Paul: a. He is the most influential apostle of the early church (see 1 Cor. 15.8-10), yet he did not see Jesus as the other apostles did. b. In fact, Paul began as a persecutor of the Christians. > Why? – But, the persecutor became the most ardent advocate for the new movement that we know of, and for this he became the persecuted. > How? c. Paul’s most long-lasting influence has come through his teaching. His teaching is found in 13 letters written to churches and individuals about the immediate concerns in their lives. His teaching is influential because it is prolific (he wrote more than any other NT author); and because it is profound (thoughtful and engaging). - Summary: Paul’s influence is due to the fact that he taught on more topics and presented a more detailed and thought-out doctrinal foundation for his guidance to the churches than anyone else. It is difficult, indeed, to over-estimate the importance of Paul to the Christian faith. But this raises a question we will take up on Friday: What is the proper way to assess the significance of Paul? What is the relationship of Paul to Jesus? Or, as the subtitle of the book by Wright asks: “Was Paul of Tarsus the Real Founder of Christianity?” Between now and next time reflect on the contribution Paul makes to the teaching of the New Testament.—Let’s go over this outline and work on “Assessing Paul’s Contribution to the Christian Faith, Part I.” Paul’s Importance to the Christian Faith In his 13 letters Paul’s teaching encompasses explanations of the following vital Christian doctrines. Paul’s teaching on these doctrines is of unrivaled importance in the NT. - The identity and significance of Jesus Christ. - The ministry of the Holy Spirit. - The life of the Christian in the present age. - The process of salvation. - The role and ministry of the Church in the world. BIB 393-92. Life and letters of Paul Hand-out Assessing Paul’s Contribution to the Christian faith. Part I. Think about the following questions, and find relevant verses and write ideas that come to mind.
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1. How have you come to your understanding of the gospel, and the meaning of baptism? 2. What is the difference between being a devout Jew, who follows the Law, and a Christian, who follows Christ? 3. Why can Jews and Gentiles stand on equal footing before God as Christians? 4.
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Paul BIB 393-92 - LP BIB 393-92 Life and Letters of Paul...

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