Week 2 Notes - Week 2 Notes Jan 15 - Tin Pan Alley Here is...

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Week 2 Notes Jan 15 - Tin Pan Alley Here is a link to the powerpoint, including the music. You need to use your space bar to advance each slide. Tin Pan Alley - Jan 15, 2008 Jan 16-17 Vaudeville (1880s-1930s) -Origins of term are unclear -"voix de ville" = voice of the city, songs of the town -most likely chosen for reasons of exoticism/gentility -What was a Vaudeville Act? -Just about anything that was inoffensive and entertaining -singing and dancing (in most shows) -balancing acts -mind readers -"freak" acts -instrumentalists -escape artists (Houdini and his many imitators) -high divers -quick change artists -strong men -contortionists -living statuary -regurgitators -pet tricks EX. Hadji Ali -Meeting a Need -Industrial Revolution caused dramatic increase in urban living -1840s: 9 out of 10 lived in rural areas -ten years later, half lived in cities -immigrants -working in regulated jobs left people with two things they never had back on the farm -leisure time -expendable income (spare change) -Previous forms were divided by social class, not one form appropriate for the masses -Opera for the elite -Melodramas and Minstrelsy for middle class -Variety shows (Bawdy/Obscene) for men of the working class
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-Need for a "clean" form of entertainment -Tony Pastor: first to present a commercially successful "clean" variety show -Location, Location, Location: Union Square -Different show each week -Other producers noticed the success and capitalized on it -Benjamin Franklin Keith and Edward F. Albee -Stole Pastor's format and built a series of theatres across the northeastern U.S. -staged multiple daily performances they called "vaudeville" -eventually had a monopoly on the Vaudeville circuit -Keeping it Clean -Keith and Albee held strict standards in order to maintain family oriented format
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Week 2 Notes - Week 2 Notes Jan 15 - Tin Pan Alley Here is...

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