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POINTS FROM GÖDEL Paragraph 1 Special relativity has an astonishing consequence—the relativity of simultaneity. Paragraph 2 If simultaneity is relative, there is no objective lapse of time, and time is therefore merely an appearance, as Kant and other idealists believe. (In effect, Gödel is arguing that special relativity implies a static view of time. If he thinks static time is tantamount to “time as we normally think of it is merely an appearance,” what else must he be assuming?) Paragraphs 3 and 4 Does general relativity enable us to identify an objective lapse of time? No. Paragraph 5 Gödel’s own solutions to the field equations of general relativity do not afford a way of specifying an objective lapse of time. (Note 10 cites the technical paper in which Gödel published his “rotating universe” solutions.) Paragraph 6 In the rotating universes Gödel has described, there would be spacetime curves enabling one to travel into the past. Paragraph 7
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