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ENGR 213_Quiz1_key

ENGR 213_Quiz1_key - 4 Proteins are made of amino-acid 5...

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BRAE 213-71/ENGR 213-71 Quiz #1 Biology for Engineers Possible Vocabulary Words: Plasmid, RNA, mRNA, DNA, amino-acid, Ribosome, Robo-Nucleic acid, Resetriction Enzymes, Proteins, Antibodies, Aptamers, Receptor Proteins, Signal Transduction, DNA-Ligase, Organelles, PCR, Nucleus, Nuclear Pore, Allele, Eukaryotes, Exon (s), Prokaryotes, Intron (s), and 2012. Fill in the blank: 1) The _ DNA _ in the nucleus is packed into 23 sets of _ Chromosomes _. 2) A _ Plasmid __ is a circular piece of DNA like an extra Bacterial Chromosome. 3) A Bacterium is a _ prokaryotic _ cell.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Proteins are made of _ amino-acid _. 5) _ RNA _ -polymerase reads a DNA template and produces a complementary strand of RNA. 6) _ DNA _ -polymerase reads a DNA template and produces a complementary strand of DNA. 7) Animal cells are an example of _ Eukaryotic _ cells. 8) The “m” on mRNA stands for _ messenger _. 9) A sequence of DNA that codes for a protein is known as an _ exon _. 10) _ organelles _ are the organs of the cell. In a few words, describe an example where Engineering has mimicked a biological process:...
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