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BRAE 213_Quiz6_key - BRAE 213-71/ENGR 213-71 BRAE...

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BRAE 213-71/ENGR 213-71 BRAE 213-72/ENGR 213-72 (Circle one please) Quiz #6 Biology for Engineers Name: _____________________________ Key Word for the Day __________________ +4 Possible Vocabulary Words: Electrophoresis, electrophoretic mobility, Electroosmotic flow, Electroosmotic mobility, Debeye screening length, < 1 micron, Zeta Potential, diffuse double layer, electric double layer, counter ions, electroneutrality, gels, slip velocity, 2D gel electrophoresis, capillary electrophoresis, Free Flow Electrophoresis, neutralize Fill in the blank: 1) When an electrified surface is placed into an electrolytic solution, the counter ions in the solution will aggregate at the surface in sufficient concentration to _ neutralize _ the surface charge. 2) _ Iso-Electric Focusing/and or 2D gel Electrophoresis _ separates based on a pH gradient and iso-electric point. 3) ___ Gels _____ serve as sieving media and suppress electroosmotic flow 4) _ Electro-osmosis _ occurs at stationary, charged surfaces when there is an applied electric field. 5) The thickness of the diffuse layer of counter-ions is
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