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Should Coaches Be Responsible It is very real that in the scorching heat of summer and early autumn, many athletes are putting their lives in jeopardy by running around for hours on end dehydrated. I myself have went through summer condition programs and have went through two-a-days in football, and I can say that the coaches do a phenomenal job in educating athletes on the dangers of dehydration, the signs of early dehydration, while also limiting the workload as much as they can to protect the athletes. We started our day bright and early at seven before the sun was a big factor.
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Unformatted text preview: The coaches gave us an hour and a half break before another practice, which was less stressful. I feel that as long as the coaches feel they are taking the best care of the athletes as they can, then they should not be disciplined for accidents involving the heat. However, in the cases where the coach is overworking the athletes and/or not allowing them to hydrate, then he should be punished. There should be many coaches or trainers on site to give their opinions on how things should be ran, which is more than we can ask for....
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