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The use of wind turbines to harness wind energy has recently become a popular trend. People are installing them in their semi rural homes to decrease the need for power from oil. The wind turbines are eco friendly and lower the cost of the user’s electricity bill. In addition to the moral decision to lower the footprint that we leave behind, the turbine users will receive a discount or tax break for installing the machines. The discount is around 30%-40% because of the high cost to install the fixtures in the recent past, but, companies are making the turbines for less money and the saving are passed on to the customer. The person who gets the machines put in even get a annual tax break just because of the friendly environmental efforts they have made. The wind turbines are not guaranteed to harness wind energy just by putting in the ground. Certain environmental factors affect how well the machines work and its effectiveness. Also, zoning factors within the city or town the purchaser lives in affect the efficiency. If a tall building is built that blocks the wind from the turbines, then that will lower the energy output. The financial responsibility and profit vary with the situation, so not everyone can afford to see benefits from this investment. But the barriers that restrict the availability to the mainstream are being removed or are being lowered, so the popularity of wind turbines is predicted to become more wide spread. Technology Smoothes the Way for Home
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biojournal2 - 1 Science Section: Wind Turbines The use of...

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