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Starting Behind the Eight Ball I had never felt like I let my parents down in my life until February of this year. I was a good son, a three year varsity athlete, and an exceptional student; however, I was not ready for college. My grade point average in high school was over 3.0 and I scored a 1200 on my SAT, but I did not apply for any scholarships, because of my laziness and the denial I had about not receiving a baseball scholarship. My parents were then forced to pay more money than they should have had to pay had I been awarded some independent scholarship money from by local organizations, which is any organization besides Seton Hall University and the federal government. I am lucky that my parents are financially secure enough to take on the financial chore of paying for college, in spite of my selfishness. I am probably going to be around $50,000 in debt by the time I finish graduate school, based on the cost calculator on the Seton Hall University website. The problem of debt is a difficulty many American families are faced with; they cannot afford the high costs of college and are required to receive loans to pay the tuition. Since 2001, the national average of college tuition has increasing is seven percent per year; this number is higher than inflation (Cooper). This means that the problem is going to get worse. The national average debt that a college student accumulates, after graduation, is a staggering $15,000 for public school students and $19,000 for private school students (USA Today). Many students pick majors that typically lead to high- paying careers rather than picking majors that they are truly interested in, so the can repay their student loans. Student debt is a problem that will not fix itself because universities, if not regulated, are always going to raise prices to stay competitive with other universities in the areas of library renovations, athletics, “shifting demographics,
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new technologies, the entrance of commercial organizations into higher education,” (Levine, 280) all of which are important factors in the “recruitment process” for the
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persuasive1 - Starting Behind the Eight Ball I had never...

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