2nd paper - Roberts 1 Max Roberts Profesora Fox RWS 100 18...

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Max Roberts Profesora Fox RWS 100 18 October 2007 U.S. – Haiti In Mountains Beyond Mountains , Tracy Kidder discusses the United States involvement in Haiti. Kidder’s project is to show us what the U.S. has done to Haiti and to shed light on the truth about Haiti’s situation. He observes Paul Farmer’s work and interactions in order to convey the way life is for Haitians. I am going to explore the different points of view there are with this subject; the U.S. government’s view, an insider’s view, and a neutral outsider’s view. Examining the various views interests me because they see completely opposite things when they look at Haiti. It is amazing how someone can spin and distort a story to cloud the truth. The sources I chose both deal with the history of the U.S. involvement in Haiti. Although, one source is the U.S. governments report about Haiti and the other is an Australian doctor’s opinion about U.S. - Haiti relations. These sources will help me explain what the U.S. is actually doing in Haiti and what they want people to think they are doing. The government either twists the truth in their report or just leaves some parts out. The Aussie, John Horvath, provides me with a reliable, non- American source that I can use to show the difference of views on the same subject. They both relate back to Kidder and his findings in Haiti about the “foreign aid” that is being provided to them. My paper will show how the U.S. thinks they have been “helping” Haiti, and how others see from first-hand experience what they are actually doing to the people of Haiti. In my analysis of these texts, I will clarify and illustrate the complicated views of U.S. and Haiti relations and their history through the eyes of Kidder, the U.S. and Horvath. Kidder presents us with the idea that the United States might not be helping Haiti
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2nd paper - Roberts 1 Max Roberts Profesora Fox RWS 100 18...

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