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Roberts 1 Max Roberts Profesora Fox RWS 100 11 September 2007 Democracy: Liberating or Infuriating In Amy Chua’s “A World on the Edge,” her project is to further research the effects of market-dominant minorities and ethnic hatred in general. She documents her findings in order to shed light on the atrocities being committed throughout the world. She uses facts from Serbia, Rwanda, Jakarta, Israel and the United States to enlighten us about what is happening all over the globe. Chua also presents us with her own experiences from the Philippines, where her family was the “market –dominant minority. She touches the reader on an emotional level (pathos) to get our attention and make us feel the same pain that they did. She specifically brings us personally into the problem when she uses the September 11 th example, so we could relate our experiences. She argues that the spread of markets and democracy causes more problems than it solves and causes “group hatred and ethnic violence.” She believes we shouldn’t push for global democracy to happen so quickly; it needs to be worked into societies over time or sometimes not at all. With this text she wants us to think about what democracy is actually doing for people world-wide. In this analysis of Chua’s text, I will examine how well she is able to utilize the three rhetoric appeals; ethos, pathos and logos, and I will show why she places certain information in a particular place for the reader to be better persuaded. Chua proves her creditability of knowledge (Ethos) about this situation at the beginning of her piece when she starts telling the story of her own first-hand witnessing of minorities dominating the majority economically and politically. She needs the reader to trust her claims
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Roberts 2 regarding democracy in places throughout the world. So she tells of her personal findings: “My family is part of the Philippines’ tiny but entrepreneurial and economically powerful Chinese
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1st paper - Roberts 1 Max Roberts Profesora Fox RWS 100 11...

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