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Chapter 15 Study Guide

Chapter 15 Study Guide - COMM 103 Fall 2007 Study Guide for...

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COMM 103 Fall 2007 Study Guide for Chapter 15 Understand the following concepts and terms well enough to be able to answer true/false, multiple choice, and matching questions about them. Exam questions may ask you identify terms and apply them to hypothetical situations. Good luck! 1. Know the difference between technological and natural media (natural=self, verbal/non verb. All human. Tech. media= through digital/ computerized. 2. Understand what the multiphrenic self is (different selves online/ phone/ texting than in real person. 3. Know what CMC is Computer mediated communication. (technological media.) 4. Understand the dimensions of richness: a. Interactivity (how much simultaneous comm. between people) b. Completeness (how much of the true message gets across. (feelings) c. What “rich” and “lean” media mean (rich is high in the above) 5. Know what it means to say that some media is more “open” than others (and possible complications from assumptions of openness)(open= other people can see it.) 6.
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