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Chapter 12 Study Guide

Chapter 12 Study Guide - COMM 103 Chapter 12 Study Guide 1...

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COMM 103 Chapter 12 Study Guide 1 COMM 103 Fall 2007 Study Guide for Chapter 12 Understand the following concepts and terms well enough to be able to answer true/false, multiple choice, and matching questions about them. Pay attention to the text under the bolded terms in our book, as a concept may have multiple parts or sub-concepts you need to understand as well. Exam questions may ask you to identify terms and apply them to hypothetical situations. Good luck! 1. Know the definition of credibility (impression a speaker has on the audience. Trustworthiness) and be able to identify and differentiate initial (before he or she speaks based mostly on appearance), derived (impression while they speak), and long-term credibility (impression after the speech.) 2. Understand the value of clarity (ability to understand message and make meaning out of it), vividness (ability to create enthusiasm in listener), and appropriateness (doesn’t offend any audience members and treats as equals) in language a.
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