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Govt Paper 3 - Govt 111 Intro to American Government Third...

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Govt 111: Intro to American Government Natalie Schneider Third Paper Assignment Policymaking Simulation One bill that was involved in the policymaking simulation was the Abolish Legal Marriage Act. This bill was designed to change all current legal marriages to civil unions and make all future legal commitments between two people civil unions. The idea behind the act of abolishing legal marriage was to keep marriages religious and personal and to create equality for all people, heterosexual or homosexual, in legal union. The hope for the bill was to end disagreement about whether gays should be allowed to marry. All people get civil unions in order to be legally committed to each other. They can still have a marriage ceremony as before, but it will remain a religious or personal act. The Abolish Legal Marriage bill was discussed and debated in committee for a relatively long amount of time. Some arguments for the bill to pass were that it would
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