The Self - community-“I”s are unique (a joke can make...

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The Self…The Individual “I”- the answer which the individual make to the attitude which others take toward him when he assumes an attitude toward them…it gives them a sense of freedom; of initiative. “Me”- is the self as conceived and apprehended in terms of the point of view of significant others and the community at large. It reflects the laws and the morals, the organized codes and expectations, of the community. “I” is the response “Me” is the organized set of attitudes of others one assumed in responding “I” is “novel” (unique and distinct from other “I”s) -social and biological -mind is biological, but content of mind and way it puts information in and out is novel (it’s not the same for all who think) -Ex. The novelty of our class is that we have different experiences even though all of us are in the same room -“rehearsing”- when “I” stops inner conversation and gives a response, it changes the
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Unformatted text preview: community-“I”s are unique (a joke can make some laugh, offend some, confuse some, etc.) “Me”- feeling out the general attitude/feel of a place (but you think about it in the “I”) Anomie-societal normlessness Selves- ego Mead pulled society into selves Individuals (generally or specifically) have the ability to transform the social environment around them -Ex. Through the “I” you think about a smell that you know is a harmful chemical. You think about what it could do to people and go and tell a cop that something bad could happen. (you just changed the social environment since if you hadn’t said something, people could have been hurt) Quote on pg. 220 “fundamental attitudes….” -if someone goes too far, people throw little punches to bring them back in (a form of social control) Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T...
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The Self - community-“I”s are unique (a joke can make...

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