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sem3assignment-revised - OR 2 In Book 11 Odysseus travels...

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Assignment, Seminar 3 The Odyssey , Books 11-16 For 9/14/07 First read today’s material, and then write a 1-page (double-spaced) response paper. They will be graded with a check plus, a check, or a minus. Choose one of the following questions: 1. In Book 16, the stories of father (Odysseus) and son (Telemachus) finally converge. Compare and contrast their journeys: what has prepared each character for this moment?
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Unformatted text preview: OR 2. In Book 11, Odysseus travels to the underworld. What are some of the things this episode reveals about life and death? You might wish to focus on Odysseus’ encounter with Achilles, the great warrior and hero of The Iliad (pp. 264-7, lines 528-616)....
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