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The exam will consist of 10 id/definitions (Part One) and an essay (Part Two). Two of the following questions will appear on your exam, from which you pick one. For the exam, report to your seminar rooms. Essay Prep Questions (actual exam questions may be slightly different) 1. The revelation that God gives in the Bible includes much about the problem of human sin. Be prepared to write an essay on the central problems of sin, especially how it in some ways reduces human life, leads away from its fulfillment. You are welcome to go back to Genesis 2-3, and right through the lecture on the prophets. 2. Contrast the journeys of Gilgamesh and Odysseus. In order to get at the fundamental differences, you should address some apparent similarities (including, but not limited to, interactions with goddesses and the importance of changes in clothing). What do these heroes seek and what do they find? Your thesis should be specific, and should identify what you will present as the most significant difference between these two journeys. 3.
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