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BB1002 Environmental Biology Study Set #2 for Exam 1 (D’08) 1. Secondary succession is likely to occur after: (a) fires have burned through a western ponderosa pine forest. (b) glaciers have removed the soil. (c) volcanic islands have created new rock (d) sand dunes areas have formed following tidal surge that occurred during a hurricane. 2. An increase in diversity when two distinct, functional habitats meet is called: (a) an island effect (b) a metapopulation. (c) an edge effect. (d) a gradient effect 3. Two fundamental processes of ecosystems are: (a) . energy cycling and chemical flow. (b) chemical cycling and nutrient flow. (c) chemical cycling and energy flow. (d) nutrient cycling and primary productivity. 4. Net primary production is productivity after _______ has been taken into account. (a) photosynthesis. (b) respiration. (c) decomposition. (d) denitrification 5. Ecosystems differ from communities in that ecosystems include the ________. _____: (a) nutrient changes, but not energy. (b) biotic environment. (c) abiotic environment (d) trophic structure. 6. Place these in food chain order beginning with a producer: (a) vulture (b) wild turkey (c) grass (d) coyote (e) grasshopper ___c ___ ______ ________ ________ _________ 7. All autotrophs: (a) are bipedal (b) feed on carrion (c) have a nervous system (d) carry out photosynthesis (e) lack cellular differentiation 8. Each organism occupies a particular trophic level in a food chain. Moving from one trophic
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BB1002.StudySet2.Ex1 - BB1002 Environmental Biology Study...

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