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College Sexuality - many colleges coed for the 1 st time...

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College Sexuality: The Hook Up Culture Women Studies 4/9/08 eagly and wood study (1999): gender differences arise from socialization hooking up: anything from kissing to sex largely a college phenomenon no relationship required often alcohol related replacement for “dating”, not relationships until 1920 sexuality not spoken about flappers, more freedom in dress and behavior, sexual liberation for women 30s-50s: depression and war makes US socially conservative = sex only for procreation 1938: House Un-American Activities Committee bans sexual references in films behaviors other than intercourse for procreation labeled deviant women not expected to enjoy sex 60s: formally arranged dates sexual behavior followed strict set of rules, common goal chivalry – male initiated sexual activity was private colleges now open to women, a place for women to find their husband rules for initiating contact: to protect women from the sexual advances of men strict gender roles and expectations
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Unformatted text preview: many colleges coed for the 1 st time: unsure how to handle the mingling of the sexes in close quarters single-sex dorms, college curfew 70s: sexual activity less taboo experimentation, sexual liberation/pursuit of pleasure, “free love” as a subculture (vs.) stigma, dating rituals remain increase in drugs and drug use birth control popularized frequent safe sex feminism, hippies, gay rights divorce, single parents, premarital sex college sexuality today: place to move ahead professionally, less emphasis on dating male-female courtship role nearly eliminated almost no formalized structure to dating and/or sexual activity sexuality more openly discussed transition from sex as sacred to popular activity solely for pleasure media: lead to desensitization of random hook ups and sex in general reaches wide audience, exposing younger age groups to more sexually explicit materials...
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