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3-9_Lecture - I II Introduction a Persuasion i Credibility...

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I. Introduction a. Persuasion i. Credibility is key ii. Persuasion must be AUDIENCE CENTERED b. Social Influence Requires i. Attitude change or reinforcement ii. Developing appropriate goals iii. Managing conflict that may arise II. Connect to Manage Conflict a. Definition of Conflict: i. Expression of differences in ii. Satisfying interpersonal needs iii. And individual interests iv. Perceiving interference in satisfying needs and interests v. So there are identity-based and material-based conflicts b. Review of Interpersonal Needs i. Inclusion: Respect ii. Control: Impact iii. Affection: Support iv. Needs shape our identity v. So, needs violations threaten identity and create identity conflicts c. Interests i. What we want: Material Conflicts ii. Interests are negotiable. Our identity is not threatened. iii. All conflicts are at least 50% identity and 50% material-based iv. Hostage negotiation phases
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1. Relationship building 2. Exploring the issues 3. Negotiating the issues 4. Managing the final resolution d.
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