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2-18_Lecture - I II Introduction a Orienting to the New...

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I. Introduction a. Orienting to the New Climate: i. Autonomy ii. Structure iii. Rewards iv. Support b. Developing Communication Skills i. Role negotiation ii. Unfreezing attitudes iii. Managing conflict II. Motive to Connect: Develop Culture a. Definition of Culture i. An identifiable group of people ii. Who share behavioral patterns such as customs, rituals, language iii. Who share cognitions such as values and beliefs iv. Every group, family, business or group of people develops a culture. What is the “hip-hop” culture? b. Functions of Culture i. Linking individuals to one another ii. Providing a basis for common identity iii. Creating a context for interaction and negotiation among members iv. Providing rules for interactions to interpret and respond to one another c. Cultures Satisfy Interpersonal Needs i. Need for inclusion ii. Need for Control iii. Need for affection d. Cultures are built around Core Values
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i. Respect for human dignity ii. Respect for basic rights e. Value Clusters: Individualism/collectivism i.
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