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Nikkole Zwolenik 112-68-3646 Sarah Cavanagh M 6:00-6:50 Written Assignment Lessig’s conflict between free culture and permission culture is a prominent issue in the music industry today. While artists do enjoy the advertisement of songs sampled in commercials and other songs, much of society does pay attention to the line dividing appreciation and taking the “creative property” of an artist. Permission culture in society today is virtually the only way for artists (music and otherwise) to share their creations with the world and still receives credit for their ideas. Every piece of music and literature and art contribute to culture in some way. If art affects one person, then in turn will that one person influence his or her own culture in one way or another. Art is ever changing and expanding on itself, so others should have the opportunity to build on works of art. But this again is a prominent issue. While expanding and working off of other people’s
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Unformatted text preview: creations is not illegal and even encouraged, artists should approach the situation in a legal fashion. The Vanilla Ice/ Queen incident is a well-known example of the possible consequences of music plagiarism. Who benefits from stealing art? With technology as sophisticated as it is, and schools and businesses cracking down on catching these thieves, less and less people actually benefit. Lawsuits ranging from a few thousand to a few million have punished those who thought they benefited from stealing music. The only one who should benefit from music distribution, sampling and such is the artist. But even that doesn’t happen anymore. Artists should not have to rely on Music industries to get their music heard. I support the small bands who don’t sell themselves to large companies. They may not be as successful, but at least they control their own art. Word Count: 300...
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