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Killings - Of course Matt was quite uncomfortable in the...

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Christopher Brock January 27, 2003 Do you think that Matt Fowler’s actions achieve closure ? In the story Killings by Andre Dubus, closure is a main theme, along with revenge. In the story a father, Matt Fowler, avenges the murder of his son, Frank, by killing Richard Strout, the man that killed Frank. Matt’s actions may be looked upon as being immoral, unethical, and utterly illegal. One may say that Matt’s actions did indeed achieve closure, however it would be absurd to say that the actions were acceptable by any means at all. If closure was achieved by Matt’s actions, morals, ethics, and laws must have been obviously disregarded. Fowler’s planned revenge on Richard Strout was just that, planned; it was planned quite cleverly at that. Matt and Willi used deceit to a certain degree in their skillful plan to end Richard Strout. Matt and Willi told Strout that he was being taken out west so that Matt and Ruth would not have to see him again.
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Unformatted text preview: Of course, Matt was quite uncomfortable in the car while holding a gun to Strout’s skull as he drove north, not west, to the planned burial site near the beach. Morally, Matt’s actions could be either right or wrong depending on one’s moral beliefs. For me to say that it was morally and ethically decent would be wrong because that decision is for each individual to make, not one person. I feel that the actions of Matt Fowler and his friend Willi were completely offensive in this situation, or in any situation. In the mind of Matt, the hands of federal justice could not console his grievance over his son’s murder so he took matters into his own hands. What he did may have given himself and his wife, Ruth, closure over the situation, but it was at the cost of morals, ethics, and law....
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