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Copyright - Chris Brock HIST 1101 April 6 2001 Freeware is...

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Chris Brock HIST 1101 April 6, 2001 Freeware is a derivative of shareware. It implies that the object is still under copyright, not in the public domain, but that the owner allows it to be copied without charge Software and Copyright The U.S. Copyright Act automatically protects software when it is created. The owner of the copyright is given the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the software. Software purchasers have no right to make additional copies except to load a copy onto a single computer and to make another copy for archival purposes only. It is illegal to use that software on more than one computer or to copy or distribute that software for any other purpose unless the copyright holder has given specific permission in the software license or other documentation. The Software Publishers Association defines four types of software and how copyright applies to each classification. Commercial - When a person purchases Commercial software, they are
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