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Waking Ned Devine

Waking Ned Devine - Chris Brock Ethics Society Dr Ledbetter...

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Chris Brock Ethics & Society Dr. Ledbetter November 8, 2003 Waking Ned Devine And Community The movie Waking Ned Devine was a film that displays the importance of a strong relationship with your community. The movie is set in a small Irish called Tully Moor of fifty-two people, where everyone knows everyone else. The two main- characters in the movie are Jackie O'Shea and his best friend Michael Sullivan. They find out that someone in their town has just won millions of pounds in the lottery and they embark on a mission to find the winner within their community. As we find out later on, the winner is an old man by the name of Ned Devine who died of shock upon seeing that he had won the lottery. Jackie and Michael think of a plan to take the winnings and claim it as their own, but they need the help from their community to do this. Michael pretends to be Ned Devine when the lottery man comes to town to ask “Ned” questions. Since the
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