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Human Resource Departments and Diversity Issues Chris Brock MGMT 4105-02 Professor Cowan Diversity is much more complex than just black & white, male & female, and young & old. It is much more complicated than that and should be handled with the utmost attention. Organizations have had to manage increasingly diverse work forces in recent years. Members of booming ethnic groups are joining the labor force in growing numbers, and more and more women are entering traditionally male-dominated jobs. Along with this, a rising number of employees and applicants are filing lawsuits charging that employers discriminated against them on the basis of race, gender, age or physical disability. There were hundreds of thousands of suits filed against organizations in the past decade which have clogged the court systems. Some accusations were dropped as fraudulent, but courts also recognized a wide range of legal protections against hiring, promotion, demotion, and firing abuses. The long-term success of any business calls for a diverse pool of talent that can bring
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