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Unformatted text preview: Construction Industry In China Tim Chang Past, Current, Future Table of Content Introduction Changes and Development Opportunities Questions Introduction Before 1978 Construction enterprises were under direct control of the central or local government Projects/ Works were assigned rather from competition Supplies, equipment, working capital were allocate by the government as part of central planning. Introduction 1978 Economic Reform Introducing ownership in construction enterprises; Deregulate employment and building materials supply Use bidding procedures to allocate construction works; Changes and Development 20012005 22.5% annual increase Generate a gross product of U.S. 520 Billion 2002 38.9 million labor working in the construction industry 195 times larger than the 200 thousands labors in early 1970s Changes and Development Internationalization Construction Philosophies Construction Laws Project Management Opportunities 2008 Olympics Olympics facilities Transportation Telecommunications Environmental improvement Northeast China Revitalization financial and political incentives for investors Problems Lack of Professional Training for labors Majority components of the construction workers are exfarmers Only 3.1% of these farmers have undergo professional training Problems Lack of Intellectual Property Rights Violations are common Government agencies fail to make proper law enforcement Questions? ...
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