Global Issues - Human Trafficking

Global Issues - Human Trafficking - Chris Brock Dr Manian...

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Chris Brock Dr. Manian Global Issues 3/30/03 Human Trafficking in South Asia Human trafficking is a highly lucrative international crime on the rise. Places like Nepal, India, Thailand, and Bangladesh among others in South Asia are selling and using young girls for sex in brothels. They are taken from their homes in these developing countries and moved to wealthier ones. Awareness about this issue has increased since non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have begun fighting for this human rights issue. Other than the many ethical implications, there are also severe health risks and psychological problems. The cause and people doing the trafficking stem from all sorts of different reasons and backgrounds. Very little of the trafficking is organized. In the South Asia trafficking is mostly disorganized crime with individuals or small groups trying to make some quick money. Though many people are kidnapped, the majority are lured with the idea of working in a commercialized city. Human trafficking is a form of migration. The people being trafficked move from their smaller towns, where the economy is somewhat docile, to the cities that are flourishing. However, even cheap labor comes with a hefty price in these cities. The owners usually end up spending much of their money on security, health risks, and politicians that feel uneasy about the forced labor. Human trafficking has been around throughout all of history and usually in developing nations. There are a number of reasons why young children are being
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trafficked in South Asia. Often children of poor families are sold by their own parents to factory owners. In many cases it’s to gain money to help educate another child usually a son. These children are forced at a very young age to work long days of labor in factories. They’re jobs are quite dangerous and often children end up being seriously injured. Others are lured away by promises of better paying jobs that they may not be
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Global Issues - Human Trafficking - Chris Brock Dr Manian...

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