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Eating Disorders - Kennedy 1 Dawn Kennedy Dr. Hamon English...

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Kennedy 1 Dawn Kennedy Dr. Hamon English 1101 December 8, 2002 Eating Disorders Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought you were to fat? Have you ever just thought to yourself that if you lost just a few pound you would feel better about yourself? Today many Americans are suffering from eating disorders and the questions I asked you are just a few reasons why. Anorexia literally means “a loss of appetite for medical reasons”. The medical definition for anorexia is the refusal to obtain a body weight at or above the minimal for a normal body weight for a certain height. People starve themselves because they think that if they lose weight it will make them look better. A person is usually bulimic when they consume large amounts of food right before purging themselves through starvation. Over eight million people in the United States are suffering from these diseases. People are striving for what society calls the perfect body when we all know deep down that there is no such thing. Eating disorders are caused by major life changes and what society wants you to look like. College students, teens and even some young children are at risk for suffering from an eating disorder. Eating disorders are becoming a more common thing for college students. Entering college is a big change and some students do not know how to cope with it. College can be a fun and exciting thing for some
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Kennedy 2 people, but for others it may be stressful. The students that usually develop an eating disorder are the ones that do not want to be there or they are stressed out about having to meet new people, the coursed they are taking, and the fact that they have to learn how to do things on their own. These people are scared and
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Eating Disorders - Kennedy 1 Dawn Kennedy Dr. Hamon English...

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