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Health Education - Introduction to Health Education Writing...

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Introduction to Health Education Writing Assignment Spring 2004 The health philosophy that is most consistent with my personal philosophy of health education is intellectual. It is the ability to learn and utilize knowledge. For me, without the knowledge and know how of proper health and wellness there is no basis or starting point for me. Without it I know nothing. If I do not know anything, how can I share it with anyone else? But with knowledge I am able to follow through on all the other philosophies. The best methods and techniques for a health educator to use to help people learn about health are, show, tell, and participation. I know that I learn best when I have examples of what someone is trying to teach me in front of my face. Once they have shown me what they are trying to teach me, they then tell me the proper way of going about it. Finally after all that, I participate in an activity that covers what someone has just shown me. This way I am not just writing stuff down, but I am actually doing it. I am able to get the rest of my senses involved in the learning process. This allows me to get a better feel for what I am supposed to be learning or doing. Also all the while it must be hands on and active. For me the best way to get someone to change a negative health behavior is to show and tell him or her about the cool, exciting, and beneficial factors that occur when they change their habit. I try to get them excited and motivated by showing them how easy it actually is, so that they feel that they can do it. Secondly, I tell them straight up what happens if they do not change and what will happen if they continue on the path they are on now. If one hasn’t already noticed from the tons of new diet pills, workout machines, and low-carbohydrate diets, Americans are becoming more health conscious. Recently, the McDonald’s restaurant chain announced that they would no longer be “Super Sizing” meals because of all the health complaints that have been pouring in. So why then is the American population nearly 40% obese? The problem is not that Americans are not motivated or interested in their health, but more that they do not have the necessary
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Health Education - Introduction to Health Education Writing...

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