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Smoke Signals - Chris Brock Ethics & Society Dr....

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Chris Brock Dr. Ledbetter September 27, 2003 Smoke Signals Everyone does it and it doesn’t matter who you are. Even George Washington I’m sure has told a lie at least once in his lifetime. When you think about it, lies usually represent wrong and deceit and truth represents what is right. Most parents always tell their children to never lie and to always tell the truth. Of course telling the truth most of the time is the right way to go, but sometimes telling a lie can also be a good thing. The movie “Smoke Signals” tells the story of two Native American young men. The two men, Victor and Thomas, go on a journey to retrieve Victor’s father’s ashes. Throughout the movie, Thomas tells many stories about adventures that he claims he has experienced in life, or heard from another person. Later in the movie, Victor begins to question whether or not any of the stories are even true at all. Most of Thomas’s stories are embellishments of the truth, and some of them are just flat out lies. He tells these
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Smoke Signals - Chris Brock Ethics & Society Dr....

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