Ethics and Morals in Society

Ethics and Morals in Society - Chris Brock October 18, 2003...

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Chris Brock October 18, 2003 Dr. Ledbetter Ethics and Society Important Words in Ethics Ethics is the reflection on the choices that we make in everyday life. Many factors dictate the decisions we make and these decisions can either be good or bad just depending on our morals . The individual person’s morals are formed based on their culture , ethnicity , gender , surrounding environment, life experiences, upbringing, values , and social status . The biggest contributor to what many people believe is ethical would be society. Society plays a vital role in everybody’s life from day to day. Everyone strives to be what society has deemed to be good or acceptable and it truly shapes the way that people think. Nickel And Dimed shows us that the way that the rich view the poor as lazy and how the poor view the rich as greedy truly divide our society and neither side gives each other a chance because of what they are brought up to believe. It seems that neither aspect of the social hierarchy truly respects the other. This is mainly because they are ignorant to how life is outside of their own perspective , but Barbara Ehrenreich steps into the shoes of a struggling low-income worker and shows us that being open and understanding others helps in wonderful ways. In Smoke Signals , Victor is concerned with the image that Thomas is presenting to the people
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they encounter on their journey . Victor sees Thomas as not being what a “real Indian” should be because Thomas did not fit into the typical Indian warrior
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Ethics and Morals in Society - Chris Brock October 18, 2003...

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