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English 1101 - Living In Large City

English 1101 - Living In Large City - Christopher Brock...

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Christopher Brock October 29, 2002 Would you or would you not want to live in a large city? “Get off the damn road!” and “Gimme your wallet!” are some of the things one may hear while in a large city. Large cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas contain the highest concentration of citizens in the world. This may be a good thing when searching for a great career opportunity or the perfect date, however, it also lugs with it unpleasant luggage. Grimy air, excessive traffic, increased crime rates and inexplicable riffraff in the night are just a few of the evils that city-dwellers must challenge. Never in my days would I even consider living in a major urban center. According to the Associated Press, people living in large cities are up to 24 percent more likely to die from lung cancer due to polluted air. I’m not a fan of having lung cancer, so this fact alone would deter me and probably most other people from relocating to a metropolis. The main contributors of this pollution are diesel-powered
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