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Alessandro Baricco - Silk

Alessandro Baricco - Silk - I also think the way Barrico...

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David Parham World Lit Dr. Gentry September 29, 2005 Alessandro Baricco’s Silk I really enjoyed reading Alessandro Baricco’s Silk. At first I did not think it was too good of a story, but after discussing it further in class I realized there was more to it then what I thought. My favorite part of the story is then end when Herve finds out that his wife tricked him. The whole time he was thinking that this beautiful Japanese woman was writing him, but in fact it was his wife. Towards the end of the story, many people would feel sorry for Herve, but I do not. Herve ends up being lonely in the end, but I think it’s his own fault, and he got what he deserved.
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Unformatted text preview: I also think the way Barrico described each of Herve’s trips added to the story. It helped the readers realize what he went through to get the silkworms and how much time it took him to get to Japan in hopes of seeing the beautiful women. One of the main reasons I enjoyed reading this story is because it is short and easy to read. I really like the way Barrico wrote this story because the chapters were short and I am the type of person who has to finish a chapter before I set the book down to take a break and Barrico made it easy for me to do so....
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