What Influences Our Choices

What Influences Our Choices - Chris Brock Ethics & Society...

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Chris Brock November 28, 2003 Final Paper What Influences Our Choices? There are countless factors in our lives that can affect the choices we make and the way we think. An individual person’s mind is shaped from his/her culture, ethnicity, gender, surrounding environment, life experiences, upbringing, values, morals, and social status. The biggest contributor to this in my opinion would be the society that the individual is a part of. This is very obvious if you look at targeted advertising shown during specific TV shows, throughout certain magazines, etc. The way that products are advertised to certain demographics of people creates distinctive groups of people. Since most of us are exposed to advertising like this as we grow up, we assume that certain products and services are targeted at specific types of people. As I browsed through several magazines from completely different genres, I can see this targeted advertising quietly at work. While looking through an edition of “Field and Stream”, I saw that there are ads for Norelco and Gillette shaving products for men, Yamaha and Suzuki off-road ATVs, Craftsman tools,
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full-size pickup trucks from basically every automobile maker, Evan Williams whiskey, Levitra, various types of fishing lures, and then everything outdoor related from camping gear to rifle scopes and even beef jerky. Since the readers of “Field and Stream” are typically going to be white males that are into hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, the advertisements found in the magazine are what we would expect to see in this type of publication. We
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What Influences Our Choices - Chris Brock Ethics & Society...

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