Review 5- Heaven's Gate

Review 5- Heaven's Gate - In your opinion, is HEAVEN'S GATE...

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In your opinion, is HEAVEN'S GATE a patriotic film? Why or why not? Americans pride themselves in their intense national loyalty. They attempt to represent their deep devotion, support, and defense of their country throughout various aspects of their lives. Thus they often strive to reflect American patriotism within their media, sometimes unintentionally depicting the harmful results of its absence. Written and directed by Michael Camino, ‘Heavens Gate’ can be classified as a somewhat patriotic film. Although many characters did not reflect traditional American ideologies, the ultimate goal to protect America and remain loyal to the land was evidently shared throughout each group. However, the meaning of ‘national loyalty’ does differ between the opposing sides. Based the Wyoming civil war, ‘Heavens Gate’ represents differing perspectives of patriotism and opposing beliefs that strive for the same goal. As Prof Hedfield notes in her lecture, a major theme within the film is one of national identity; who belongs to the land and who does not. In order to demonstrate their complete devotion and love for their country, the wealthy upper class stringently believed in keeping the United States
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Review 5- Heaven's Gate - In your opinion, is HEAVEN'S GATE...

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