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Review 4- Mr. Deeds Goes to Town and Local Hero

Review 4- Mr. Deeds Goes to Town and Local Hero -...

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Inhabitants of small rural towns tend to vastly differ from city slickers in a variety of contexts. When interacting, these communities often clash as they possess diverse patterns of behavior, norms and ideologies, and even economic practices. Cinematic depictions of their interaction tend to convey either the perspective of the protagonist or the differing majority in the surrounding environment. Within the films “Local Hero” written and directed by Bill Forsyth, and “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” directed by Frank Capra, the directors convey opposing perspectives, however they unanimously base their perspective on the character or town whose behavior is vastly different from the American norm. As Prof Hedfield notes in her lecture, a central theme within the film “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” is the conflict between small town and big city values. This theme plays on typical and prominent clichés and expectations in society. Thus, when set in the business capital of the country, infested with patronizing city slickers with high expectations, anything differing from the surrounding norm will be the focus. Frank
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