Test #2 - Test 2 Essay Outlines 5) Was the Jewish...

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Test 2 Essay Outlines 5) Was the Jewish experience in the Middle Ages better under Christians or Muslims? Be sure to address the question from more than one angle (e.g., social, legal, cultural). Thesis: It is fair to state that there is no clear answer indicating the Jewish experience was better or worse under Muslim or christen rule. History provides us with evidence indicating there were certain times under each rule, where the Jewish peoples experience was better then the other, however to choose upon one defies easy characterization. Arguments 1) Social a. Muslim rule- Jews rarely singled out; have status of second class ‘protected people’ ‘people of the book” i. ‘Pact of protection’ ‘Pact of umar’ → acts as bilateral c0ntract between cristians/jews/ Muslims → are allowed to keep their religion b/c they have effect of monotheism. b. Christian rule- Jews in state of subjugation (suppression) → largely protected i. Christians confused as to why Jews do not accept Jesus → reflects blindness (= Jew w/ blindfold) ii. Punishment of refusal = exile iii. Exile= witness to christens ( consequence of not accepting Jesus) 2) Cultural a. Muslim rule- Conversion- many Jews convert to Islam i. Rise of philosophy in Jewish world ii. Literature in wide variety of fields → integration of cultural trends iii. Education for girls is a necessity b. Christian rule: believe Jews are epitome of pure evil i. Host desecration: Jews are charged with desecrating Jesus (destroying host), redoing the crime of the blood libel symbolically ii. Believe Jews are born in a state of sin, cause of black plague→ Jew poisoned well (result= plunge)
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Test #2 - Test 2 Essay Outlines 5) Was the Jewish...

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