HUMA 2850- Proselytism

HUMA 2850- Proselytism - HUMA 2850 W10:30 Proselytism...

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HUMA 2850- W10:30 Jessica Abourmad 208508749 Proselytism During the Rabbinic era, Proselytes and Resident Aliens appear as new-fangled concerns in Jewish civilization. Proselytes throughout this period, are essentially legal full-fledged converts to Judaism, who have embraced the faith for the sake of G-d and nothing else. Comparatively, a Resident Alien is one whom voluntarily lives amongst Jews and steadily agrees to many Jewish practices and values- essentially a conventional observer of the Noahide laws. This excerpt clearly and adequately explains the difficult process involved in converting to Judaism. In the earliest stage of this complex journey, the gentile contender is rejected numerous times in order to distinguish and ensure his commitment, or lack their of, to converting. This initial example of rejection in the Talmud can be seen as prevention of punishment. Rabbinim realize that once one accepts the faith and becomes a Jew, he must uphold laws or consequently be punished. It can be argued that Rabbinim
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HUMA 2850- Proselytism - HUMA 2850 W10:30 Proselytism...

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