HUMA 2850- MIDTERM #1 - Genesis (Barasheit) Themes: G-d as...

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Genesis (Barasheit) Themes: G-d as Creator Creation essentially good Humans are the Peak of Creation Man and woman (Reproduction) G-d as moral judge Injustice in biblical perspective The need for a fresh start ( After Adam & Eve, Restarting with Abraham and Sarah) * Genesis (Text overview- Introduction of Torah and creation of world) G-d (Hashem) never introduced (not necessary) = Omnipident – all powering and all knowing. Repetition and Emphasis – Set in memory ex. “It was evening and it was morning, a first [second, third] day” Creation by order and commands not physical action ex. “There shall be light” 14- Set times for festivals, years, days = anticipation of human life Set notion of good/bad Man has power over all (excluding gd) – Names all creatures (gd like deed) Consequences for eating from tree of knowledge= childbearing pains and farming 24- Intro to traits and skills ‘dwell in tents “play the pipe’ 11- Shinar – tower of Babel = origin of languages (in order to limit human power, satire of polytheism?) Abraham and Sarah = Isaac and Rebecca= Jacob and Leah Jacob (Israel) Avenu = Israelites (descendents of Jacob [12 sons= ancestors of
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HUMA 2850- MIDTERM #1 - Genesis (Barasheit) Themes: G-d as...

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