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CS test #3 review

CS test #3 review - Question 6.14 pg 345 Some Unions...

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Question # 6.14, pg. 345 Some Unions propose federal legislation to prohibit monitoring of customer- service or data-entry employees with more than five years of experience. Give reasons for and against monitoring experienced employees. Question # 6.17, pg. 345 In what ways is monitoring employee use of web to find employees who are violating company web-site policies similar to a different from, the use of government agencies using computer matching to find people who might be breaking laws? Question # 6.29, pg. 346 Walking through a public park on their way back to work after lunch, four employees of a large internet service company begin clowning around and singing silly and raunchy songs. One of them captures the scene on his cell phone and later posts it on a major video site. In the video, the company logo is clearly visible on the T-shirt the employees are wearing. The company fires the employee who posted the video and has not yet decided on action against the others. Discuss arguments for and against the firing. What disciplinary action, if any, is appropriate for the other employees? Question # 7.26, pg 396 Which of the Luddite criticism of computers listed in section 7.4.1 do you consider the most valid and significant? Why? o Computers cause social disintegration; they are dehumanizing. They weaken communities and lead to isolation of people from each other. o Question # 7.42, pg 397 Consider the following quotation from Edward R. Murrow, a renowned radio (and later TV) journalist in the 1930’s – 1950’s. Do you agree with it? Why? Are there some aspects of different kinds of communication systems that influence the kind and quality of content they are likely to have? “A communication system is totally neutral. It has no conscience, no principle, and no morality. It has only a history. It will broadcast filth or inspiration with equal facility. It will speak the truth as loudly as it will speak a falsehood. It is, in sum, no more or no less than the men and women who use it.” Question # 7.43, pg 397 A number of people advocate a law requiring Google to make public algorithms it uses to rank web sites for displays in response to search queries. Considering issues in this chapter, and any other relevant issues, discuss arguments in favor of
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  • Spring '08
  • geggharison
  • Technological singularity, major video site, mobile telecommunications technology, Neil Postman Postman, company web-site policies, internet service company

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CS test #3 review - Question 6.14 pg 345 Some Unions...

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