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CS 110 assignment Problem pg.4 (1,2) 1) What is the ethical problem? You can monitor the company network from home, and you frequently work from home. Your niece, a college student, is visiting for a week. She asks to use your computer to check her e-mail. Sure, you say. This is an ethical problem because she can access sensitive company data that he may have saved or stored on his data. Who are the stakeholders? The company that he is a computer administrator for is the stakeholder because his niece could steel information or else un-knowingly change data in his present work which would affect the company.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Who are the stakeholders? The team of programmers is developing a communications system for firefighters because if this product doesn’t work they need to re-develop it to make it work correctly. What are the potential issues? The product could fail in the extreme line that the firefighters are forced to work in, and since the programmers are testing it only in ideal sunny field side conditions. Also if the product doesn’t work for this test they will need to re-design the product and spend more company funds to correct the problem....
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