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Aegean in the Bronze Age: Minoans and Mycenaeans Class notes 09.11 -lion’s gate (Mycenae)- massive fortifications, defensive ‘cyclopean’ -excavation by Schliemman, desire to link historical fact with mythology (Homer etc) -Herodotus: book 2, discourse on Egypt -Troy treated skeptically, though still as historical fact -Egypt: other ex. of bronze age development (Meso., Greece) -predictability of flood, wildly wealthy due to Nile fertility, navigable = populous -3000 BC. – emergence of city-states, hieroglyphics -strong, stable dynasties – relation to stability of lifestyle -Menes (Narmer)- unification of Egypt 3100 BC, ‘two kingdoms’, first pharaoh -pharaonic dynasty highly hereditary, worshipped as deity -2700 BC – monumental architecture, pyramids (Cheops 2600 BC – Giza) -natural boundaries (desert), developed in isolation, little outside threat -internal challenge- bureaucracy (1 st intermediate) -final conquest of new kingdom- Alexander the Great 300 BC -3 rd int. period- severe external threats by Hyksos (Palestine?), invasion and sack
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