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Adrienne Klasa Student # 260212271 Sept.27 th , ‘06 Ancient Mediterranean History: Essay #2 Pericles and Athenian Democracy When attempting to evaluate the validity of Athenian democracy, the most blatant first point for consideration is that Athens was effectively the first society to ever identify itself with the institution of democratic government. Whether or not in practice the city’s government structure and its’ officials adhered strictly to democratic ideology remains debatable, but the reality remains that the concept of a democracy emerged in this city and aggregated a following. Athenian citizens prided themselves on their city, it’s empire and the unique identity their radical policies gave them in the Greek world (Thuc., 2.36-37), an identity that must have been based on something concrete in order to so deeply effect the mentality of the public of Athens. It is precisely this kind of collective pride that is so easily exploitable by political leaders to further their own agendas, as Pericles does in his address to the military leaders
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essay2 - Adrienne Klasa Student 260212271 Sept.27th `06...

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