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227-Pakistan presentation - Authoritarian Rule in Pakistan...

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Authoritarian Rule in Pakistan Adrienne Klasa, 260212271 POLI 227: Conference Presentation TA: Betul Keles, Friday 12:30 February 8 th , 2008 Pakistan: The Basics -Population: 164.7 million, 6 th largest in the world. -few natural resources except for large natural gas reserves which are only used domestically. Heavily import dependent, oil dependent. -5 principal ethnic groups, 11 language groups. 97% Muslim. -50% of population is illiterate and 25% lives below the poverty line. -received $1.6 billion in foreign aid (2006). Country is in debt $40.32 billion. -3.2% of GDP spent on the military. -large opium cultivation industry. Major transit point for Afghan drugs bound for the Gulf and the West. Authoritarian Rule: Causes - colonial legacy : British recruit heavily from the Punjab and NW Frontier. Pakistan receives more than their share of soldiers in 1947 Partition. -1947 Partition : during violence following Partition, military was only stable state institution. Role of military consolidated. -conflict with India : army’s role seen as essential to security against stronger neighbour. - Cold War : 1954-1956 military aid and advisors sent from US. - weak political institutions : civilian government heavily dependent on military to maintain order. Attempts at curbing the army’s power usually end in a coup. Party system is very weak.
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-martial law : country has been under emergency rule four times since independence. -militant Islam
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227-Pakistan presentation - Authoritarian Rule in Pakistan...

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