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H EART  L UNG  B YPASS  M ACHINE BME 501 – A DVANCED  T OPICS   IN  B IOMEDICAL  S YSTEMS Group members: Nanda Surendran, Ross Leung and Khoa Tran Course Instructor: Dr. Tzung Hsiai Presentation Summary Introduction The heart and lung work together to keep the body nourished with oxygen. The heart pumps blood to the lungs to pickup oxygen and pumps oxygen rich blood to the body. When the heart’s function is compromised, open heart surgery is necessary. The Heart Lung Machine allows the surgeon to carefully stop the heart without interrupting the circulation of blood, and as the name implies the Heart Lung Machine – which takes over the function of heart and lungs to supply the body with oxygen. The machine consists of a pump which acts as the heart and an oxygenator which replaces the lungs. Oxygen poor blood is diverted from the vena cava to the reservoir. The oxygenator infuses the blood with oxygen and the pump sends the blood into the patient’s aorta to circulate throughout the body. The machine also removes carbon- dioxide and other waste products from the blood. Functions of Heart Lung Machine Removal of CO2 from blood O2 delivery to blood Provide blood flow to body Temperature maintenance
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Heart_Lung_Bypass_Machine_Summary - HEART LUNG BYPASS...

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